Q.   What type of appointments are there?

A.   The surgery offers appointments for face to face consultations, home visits and over the telephone.

Q.   How do I book an appointment?

A.   Appointments can be made either by telephone, by calling in at the reception desk or a selection of appointments can be booked online via this website.

Q.   Can I get an appointment TODAY?

A.  We offer 8 pre-bookable GP appointments per clinic and the remainder are released on the day at 8.30 am.  Pre-bookable GP appointments are available up to 4 weeks in advance. The majority of our appointments are available between 8.00 am and 6.00 pm.  On alternate Tuesdays and Wednesdays we offer appointments up to 8.00 pm.  However, when appointments are tight we allocate on-the-day appointments based on clinical need.  If you have symptoms that suggest your health may be at risk by delaying 24 or 48 yours, then we will see you the same day.  However, the number of appointments that we hold to provide this cover for emergency cases is limited, so we have to allocate on-the-day appointments strictly on a needs basis.  Usually, we can give you an appointment the same day but if you insist on seeing a specific GP then you may have to wait longer.

Q.  How long will my appointment last?

A.  We have found that to make as many appointments available as possible but to still allow sufficient time to discuss most ailments, a 10 minute appointment is the optimal length; therefore, our GP appointments are for a 10 minute duration.  Obviously, this is just a weighted average time, based on our experience, so if you think that you will need longer than 10 minutes, or have multiple problems that you wish to discuss with the Doctor, then please ask to book a double appointment.

Q.   Can I bring someone with me?

A.   The simple answer is yes.  Please bear in mind that the Doctor will be able to treat only you, if your companion has an issue to discuss with the GP, then they will need to book their own appointment.  Please bear in mind that during the course of the consultation, your companion my become privy to your confidential medical information.

Q.  What if I can’t make it to my appointment?

A.   We ask that you call and let us know in advance.  In that way, we can release the appointment for someone else.  We monitor non-attendance and have no option but to deal with repeat offenders in line with our ‘DNA Policy’.

Q.  What will happen if I am late?

A.   If you are late then we will still try to see you; however, you will have to wait until the next available slot, which may not be until the end of that surgery session.  Occasionally, the GP may not be able to see you at all if you are late.  Please phone ahead if you can, it may be that the doctor can see another patient out of sequence.

Q.   Why do I have to wait past my appointment time?

A.   Occasionally, this can be due to a patient not following the self check-in process to the end.  Please ask if you are unfamiliar with our check-in machine!

Sometimes a GP will run late simply because of the nature of the job.   Our 10 minute appointment slots are based on an average consultation time.  Sometimes, a patient presents with a condition that needs a more detailed examination, sometimes a patient takes a turn for the worse due to anxiety, sometimes the GP is called away to an emergency visit at a patient’s home or a care home- resulting in an extended consultation and a GP that is now running late.  Obviously, we won’t simply end an appointment just because “the patient’s 10 minutes is up” however, that will result in the GP running late.

To minimize the knock on effect, we split the day into sessions, so that a GP running late in the early session will catch up during what would be a coffee or lunch break and start the next session on time.

Q.   What if I need to book an appointment with a NURSE?

A.   All Practice Nurse and Health Care Assistant appointments are pre-bookable and can often be booked up to 4 weeks ahead.  Please contact the surgery two weeks in advance where possible to book a Nurse appointment.

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