We have had so many new patients join our practice recently we thought it may be useful to write a post on how our appointment system works.

Appointments for both the GPs and Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANPs) can be prebooked up to 4 weeks in advance.

Unfortunately, due to recent high demand and some sick leave we are currently looking at a 2 week wait for a routine appointment with a GP.

We are however able to offer appointments within 3-4 days if your medical problem is something our ANP can deal with. ANPs can deal with most medical problems. They cannot see pregnant ladies, mental health issues or provide sick notes.

We hold back a number of urgent on the day appointments for urgent medical appointments. These slots are used for patients who can not wait eg child with an infection, asthmatic patient who feels breathless etc.

We also have a small handful of routine on the day appointments. These often are used by the GPs for patients with urgent medical problems who may have contacted the practice late in the day or via eConsult and have been assessed as safe to wait until the following day.

Please note there is no guarantee that calling at 8.30am means you will be able to book a routine on the day appointment. The reception team will offer you the next available appointment with the clinician most suitable for you to see. This may be a physio, pharmacist, podiatrist or mental health practitioner.

We look forward to expanding our GP team later this summer.