Training Practice

GP Registrars

Colliery Court Medical Group is a training practice and trains qualified doctors (GP Registrars) to become general practitioners.

As part of their 3 year training programme they spend 6 months with the practice and take part in surgeries and home visits. This is a rolling scheme and another GPR will join the practice every 6 months.

Patients may be offered an appointment within a surgery where the GPR is observing/taking part in a joint consultation with a partner/running the consultation themselves. Reception staff will always ask patients if they are happy to take part in a GPR consultation before booking the appointment.

Occasionally, the GPR may wish to video their consultations for training purposes only. The recording will only be seen by the GPR and their tutor doctor at the surgery and once it has been viewed, it will be erased. Your permission is needed in order for the doctor to video your consultation. You will have to sign to say you agree to the recording, but if you do not wish to be videoed, the camera will be turned off.

If you would like any further information about the GPR training or have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask reception.

Medical Students

We will often have medical students on placement within the practice.

Medical students observe the consultation with the GP but do not perform any examinations. The practice will always seek consent from the patient before booking an appointment within a student clinic.

If you book into a student clinic but decide on the day of your appointment you would like them to step out of the consultation, please let reception know when you arrive for your appointment.