We have a number of services and clinics available at our practice.  In order to attend an appointment only clinic or surgery, please ring our reception.

List of Services and Clinics

  • Ante Natal Clinic – This clinic is held weekly with the Community Midwife.  If you become pregnant please contact reception to arrange a meet and greet appointment at the surgery, you do not need to see a GP first to be referred to this clinic.  At your meet and greet, a booking appointment will be arranged.  It is recommended that you take 400mg of folic acid and 10mg Vitamin D during your pregnancy to help protect your baby.
  • Family Planning & Contraception – Advice and contraception is available from all of our GPs and Practice Nurses by appointment.  We provide regular contraception, emergency contraception and pregnancy advice.  If you require contraception advice outside of our opening hours please contact the South Tyneside Sexual Health Team on 0191 404 8191.  Drop in and appointment only clinics are held in the local area during the day, late nights and on a weekend.
  • Child Health & Immunisation – We provide both six week checks with GPs and baby immunisations with our Practice Nurses.  These are by appointment only and you will receive an invitation letter in the post.  Please contact reception if you believe your child is overdue a six week check or immunisation, or if you would like some advice about vaccinations.
  • Cervical Smear Clinics – Our Practice Nurses provide appointments for cervical smears .  You will be notified by the North East Primary Care Services Agency when your smear test is due.  If you think you have missed a test or would like to know when your next test is due, please ask for a telephone consultation with the Practice Nurse.  You can book your appointment for a smear online using Patient Access.
  • Annual Review Clinics – Our Healthcare Assistant provides appointments for annual reviews.  These clinics are held weekly and at these appointments you will have your height, weight and BP checked, as well as an annual blood test.  Should you suffer from any long term conditions, for example, diabetes, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.  You will be given a follow up appointment with the Practice Nurse to discuss your test results and any concerns or issues you may have.  You will received a letter of appointment in relation to this review and these can be booked online using Patient Access.
  • Asthma & COPD Clinics – Sister Carr provides annual reviews for those patients who have asthma or COPD.  These are usually held weekly and patients will receive an invitation letter when their review is due.  At present these appointments cannot be booked online.
  • Blood Pressure Checks – Blood pressure checks are available by appointment with our Healthcare Assistant.   These clinics are held weekly.  At present these appointments cannot be booked online.
  • NHS Health Checks – These health checks are performed by our Health Care Assistant on patients aged 40-74.  During this check your vascular risk score is calculated by simple tests and questions about your lifestyle.  Depending on the result your score can determine whether you are at risk of developing vascular disease in the near future.  The checks also give you the opportunity to discuss any concerns or issues you may have.  At present these appointments cannot be booked online.
  • Joint Injections – Some of our GPs provide joint injections where necessary.  Please arrange an appointment with a GP if this is something you would like to discuss.  At present these appointments cannot be booked online.
  • Minor Operations – Dr O’Donnell holds Minor Operation Clinics at the surgery.  Please arrange an appointment with your GP if you think you may benefit from an appointment in this clinic.
  • New Patient Checks – If you register with our practice you will be required to have a New Patient Check before your registration is complete.  These checks are performed by the Health Care Assistant or a Practice Nurse.  These appointments cannot be booked online.
  • Influenza Vaccinations – The practice holds annual Flu Clinics each Autumn.  Patients who are ‘at risk’ will be sent an invitation, in September, to attend for this vaccination.  The appointments can be booked online via Patient Access.
  • Travel Vaccinations – The Practice Nurses provide a wide range of travel vaccinations.  Some charges may apply for certain vaccines.  Please note that some vaccines need to be administered six weeks in advance of your trip.  Further information in relation to Travel Vaccinations can be found here.  At present these appointments cannot be booked online.
  • Private Medicals & Reports – Our GPs and Nurses do provide a range of private work such as HGV, Adoption and Pre-employment medicals.  More information on charges for this private work can be found here.  At present these appointments cannot be booked online.
  • Ambulance Bookings – Ambulance transport is available for patients who are medically unfit to travel by other means.  This transport can no longer be booked by our reception team.  Please telephone ERS Medical on 0191  301 7687 to arrange transport.  Should you have any complaints about the transport service please telephone either 0191 301 7687 or 0800 0320202.

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