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Colliery Court Medical Group’s patient reference group represent the views of patients registered with the practice.

In 2011, the patient reference group was rejuvenated with volunteer patients who cover the geographical area of Colliery Court Medical Group.

The purpose of the group is to:

  • Provide a link between patients and practice professionals
  • Pool ideas for practice improvements
  • Represent the interests of the patients
  • Discuss proposed changes to the way the practice is run

To become involved with the group or if you have any views you can contact the Chair of the patient participation group by leaving a message with reception 0191 519 0077.

The current Chair of the group is Dr Stephen O’Donnell.

The group meets regularly and invites comments and ideas from other Colliery Court patients. The minutes are circulated to the members and will be uploaded to this website following ratification by the Group.

The next meeting of the group will be held on Thursday, 10th October  2019 at 2pm.

Members from the Patient Group also meets regularly with other patient groups.  The group have a voice that is heard by those who are making changes to services that will affect patients in the area.

If you would like to join the group please contact us on 0191 519 0077 or via email to stynccg.colliery111@nhs.net

We would like to know how we can improve our service to you and how you perceive our surgery and staff.

To help us with this, we have set up an ‘e’ forum so that you can have your say.  We will ask the members of this representative group some questions from time to time, such as what you think about our opening times or the quality of the care or service you received. We will contact you via email and keep our surveys succinct so it shouldn’t take too much of your time.

We aim to gather around 250 patients from as broad a spectrum as possible to get a truly representative sample. We need young people, workers, retirees, people with long term conditions and people from non-British ethnic groups.

If you wish to become an ‘e’ forum member and are happy for us to contact you occasionally by email please contact stynccg.colliery111@nhs.net

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