GPES and NHS Summary Care Records

NHS England is commissioning a modern data service from the Health and Social Care Information centre (HSCIC) on behalf of the entire health and social care system. The General Practice Extraction Service (GPES) will be used to extract GP data each month. The patient data extracted includes: NHS number, date of birth, postcode and gender but no names. Coded information about referrals, NHS prescriptions and other clinical data may also be extracted. The information extracted will be minimal and used to improve patient care and services.

Leaflets with more detail about the information that is extracted, what information may be used for and how to opt out of this data sharing are available from the reception desk.

All of our patients will receive a pack in the post about the introduction of Summary Care Records (SCRs). These packs are being distributed to all residents in England who are registered with a GP and in many areas SCRs are already in use.

The purpose of the SCR is to improve safety and quality of patient care. All GP surgeries hold detailed medical records of their patients including full medication lists and records of any known allergies. If a patient presents at an urgent care facility such as Accident and Emergency, staff must contact the GP surgery to obtain lists of these details. This can slow down treatment particularly when the surgery is closed or the phones are busy. The SCR is a secure electronic record of each patient’s medications, any adverse reaction to medication and allergies. If you decide to have a SCR healthcare staff at places such as A&E can ask your consent for them to access your SCR and obtain this information quickly and securely even when the GP surgery is closed. If you decline consent they will telephone the GP surgery as normal when it is open.

The only time a member of staff may access your SCR without consent would be in an emergency when you are unconscious and urgently require medication. If they have to do this, they will make a note on your record. Healthcare staff all over England can access your SCR with your consent, which means if anything happens to you when you are away from home, they can quickly access details of your medications and allergies to help with your treatment.

The only healthcare staff who are able to access your SCR are those who are directly involved in caring for you and who have an NHS Smartcard with a chip and pin for secure access to SCRs. Details of which staff have accessed your SCR are always recorded.

For more detailed information about SCRs, security and frequently asked questions, a website and telephone advice line have been set up for patients:
0300 123 3020

If you would like to opt out of having a SCR please complete and sign the Opt Out form included in the pack posted to your home. This should be handed in to the reception desk. Patients have 12 weeks from receiving their packs to opt out. If a patient does not complete their opt out form within the 12 week window but does not wish to have an SCR they can appeal to have their SCR hidden. SCRs can not be fully deleted but it may be possible to deny access for healthcare staff. Patients wishing to appeal to have their SCR hidden after the 12 week window should speak to either Assistant Practice Manager Sarah Gleeson or in her absence Practice Manager Jane Moore. Extra copies of the opt out forms and information leaflets are available at our reception desk.

Thank you.

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