Get the most from your appointment

Many patients feel hurried by the 10 minute time frame for appointments, especially elderly people who may take time to get the room or those with young children, and experience shows that appointments go better for you and your doctor when you think about these three things.

1. Saying what you want to get from your appointment

You know why you’ve come today but have you thought about what you expect or want to happen?  For example: a diagnosis, a prescription, reassurance or to see a specialist (where applicable).  It’s useful to let your doctor know.

2. Saying what you think’s going on

If you have any thoughts about what’s causing or contributing to the problem, do say so.  It helps the conversation if you share these ideas with your doctor.

3. Agreeing a plan of action and what to do if things don’t go as expected

Before you leave, are you clear on what needs to happen next?  Do you know what to do if, for example, your symptoms get worse, you have problems with your medication, or there are delays with your hospital referral?

Doctors would really like longer appointments to.  We know how difficult it is to make an appointment and we are constantly trying to improve access.

The Patients Association have developed this leaflet to help you get the most out of your appointment.

You can also find further information on the following websites:

For more information on the surgeries appointments, please see the questions and answer page regarding our appointments system here.

To book an appointment online, if you are registered, follow the link to Patient Access.

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